Worrying signs and symptoms of brittle bones in women; prevention tips

Women are extra liable to susceptible or brittle bones than men, mainly after center age, as hormonal adjustments throughout menopause can cause bone loss. Weak bones may want to cause reduced mobility, fractures and terrible dental fitness and earlier than it`s too late, good enough calcium and Vitamin D should be blanketed in weight loss plan to save you this. Being bodily energetic and concerning oneself in sports like running, biking and taking walks also can assist deterioration of bone fitness as one grows old. Osteoporosis normally ends in brittle bones or even a moderate strain can motive fracture. Women should be vigilant for any signal of early bone loss and must often display screen themselves for bone density after the age of 60. Apart from weight loss plan and nutrition, there are sure remedies that may assist save you low bone density in aged ladies. (Also read: 6 essential life-style adjustments for ladies to save you osteoporosis, bone loss)

"There are numerous elements that may motive low bone density in ladies. Some of the maximum not unusualplace reasons consist of hormonal adjustments in ladies present process menopause as they enjoy a lower in estrogen levels, age, and genetics as a female can also additionally have a own circle of relatives records of low bone density," says Dr. Siddhart Yadav, Consultant Orthopedic and Joint Replacement Surgeon at Apollo Hospitals Navi Mumbai.


Here are different elements as in line with Dr Yadav:

Poor nutrition: A weight loss plan missing in calcium and nutrition D can make a contribution to low bone density.

Sedentary life-style: Lack of bodily pastime can cause bone loss.

Certain medicinal drugs: Long-time period use of sure medicinal drugs including glucocorticoids, anticonvulsants, and a few most cancers remedies can cause low bone density.

Certain clinical conditions: Conditions including hyperthyroidism, malabsorption syndromes, and continual kidney disorder can make a contribution to low bone density.


It is essential to word symptoms and symptoms of deteriorating bone fitness and one must now no longer forget about the below-noted signs and symptoms of low bone density in any in their aged own circle of relatives members.

Low bone density in which bones emerge as susceptible and brittle regularly develops slowly over the years and won't motive any signs and symptoms withinside the early stages. However, because the situation progresses, the subsequent symptoms and symptoms and signs and symptoms can also additionally emerge as evident, says Dr Yadav.

Fractures: Low bone density makes bones susceptible and brittle, making them extra vulnerable to fractures. Fractures can arise withinside the backbone, wrist, hip, or different bones withinside the frame.

Back pain: Low bone density-associated fractures withinside the backbone can motive extreme returned pain, which can be consistent or intermittent.

Loss of height: The compression fractures withinside the backbone because of low bone density can cause a sluggish lack of height.

Stooped posture: As a end result of more than one compression fractures withinside the backbone, humans with low bone density can also additionally expand a hunched or stooped posture.

Weaker grip electricity: Low bone density can weaken the bones withinside the wrist, that may cause weaker grip electricity.

Tooth loss: The bone loss related to low bone density also can have an effect on the jawbone, that may motive teeth loss.

Decreased mobility: Fractures and different headaches of low bone density can cause reduced mobility and extended danger of falls.

"It's essential to word that low bone density regularly is going neglected till a fracture occurs. Therefore, in case you are liable to growing low bone density, it is essential to speak for your health practitioner approximately prevention and early detection strategies," says the expert.


There are numerous methods to save you low bone density, as in line with Dr Yadav and this consists of good enough calcium and Vitamin D consumption.

"Calcium is crucial for bone fitness. Adequate calcium consumption is essential to assist construct and hold robust bones. Good reassets of calcium consist of dairy products, leafy inexperienced vegetables, and fortified foods. Vitamin D enables the frame take in calcium. Exposure to sunlight, fortified foods, and dietary supplements can assist make sure good enough nutrition D levels. Weight-bearing sports like taking walks, running, and weightlifting can assist construct and hold bone fitness," says Dr Yadav.


Dr Yadav stocks a few suggestions for stopping low bone density in ladies:

- Get sufficient calcium and nutrition D: Calcium and nutrition D are crucial vitamins for healthful bones. Women must purpose to devour 1,000-1,2 hundred mg of calcium and 600-800 IU of nutrition D daily.

- Engage in weight-bearing sports: Weight-bearing sports, including taking walks, hiking, dancing, and electricity training, can assist enhance bone density.

- Avoid smoking and immoderate alcohol intake: Smoking and immoderate alcohol intake can make a contribution to bone loss, so it is essential to keep away from or restrict those habits.

- Consider hormone substitute therapy: Hormone substitute therapy (HRT) can assist save you low bone density in ladies who've long past thru menopause. However, HRT comes with its personal set of dangers and benefits, so it is essential to talk about the professionals and cons with a healthcare issuer.

- Get normal bone density screenings: Women over the age of 65, or people with different danger elements for low bone density, must get normal bone density screenings to screen bone fitness and locate any symptoms and symptoms of bone loss early on.

- Take prescribed medicinal drugs as directed: In a few cases, medicinal drugs including bisphosphonates, hormone therapy, and different bone-strengthening tablets can be prescribed to save you or deal with low bone density. It's essential to take those medicinal drugs as directed and comply with up with a healthcare issuer often.

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