Donut - The favourite fantastic fried cake

It is nothing but the snacks and foods that make the occasions and functions really enjoyable. Cakes always play a good role. Donut with its origin said to be western counties at present is one of the most preferred foods or snacks all over the world.

fried cake

Fried cake

Donut is nothing but a deep fried or baked cake. This excellent cake is rolled in sugar or dipped in glaze. This excellent food is loved by all of the people and party lovers irrespective of their age and location. If you hate to use yeast, then it is better to try your hand on donut recipe without yeast.  There are different doughnuts or donuts you can try in your kitchen without using yeast.

Cake donuts

These donuts are made from the looser dough leavened with baking soda or baking powder. These donuts come with tighter structure on the interior and firmer exterior. The very best combination of flour, baking powder, sugar, salt and butter make it taste great for everyone. Milk and other ingredients are used to give the extra and unique taste for the donuts. It is really something more than a cake.

Cider donuts

If you love to bring the taste of apple to your donut, then this is the perfect donut to try in your kitchen. Get plenty of cinnamon and apple cider to mix with the ingredients. There is no doubt everyone will ask for a second cake.

Old fashioned donut

Try this if you are making the cake for the people who give excellent values to traditions. Yes, these donuts are scooped or piped and comes with its original and irregular shape. But the taste is unbeatable and there is no doubt that you can conquer the table and heart with this excellent cake.

Glazed Donut Holes

This is one of the easy to make donuts. Since, yeast is not used; rolling or rising is not required. Just make the donut with simple procedure ad simple ingredients. You will get everything you need in donut hole including doughy centre, soft, sticky sweet glaze and slightly crisp exterior. There is no doubt every bite really values and takes you to a new world of taste. 

Better for the occasion

If you need something what called sweet food for the occasions including birthdays, anniversaries or parties, it is wise to serve handmade cakes. Let your near and dear and beloveds experience a new taste that is free from any of the unwanted ingredients. Make it with the quality ingredients from your home for the day.  It doesn’t take you much time to come out with fantastic cakes.

Use it for the same day to experience the real taste and deliciousness of the cake. Make donuts for any of the occasions and for your kids when they need something in between the lunch and dinner.

Make the kids free from the unhealthy snacks and pizzas from the street corner shops. Check online how to make donuts without yeast. Bake donuts and serve them with love.


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